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Thailand Plastic Surgery – Reasonable second choice

Over the last 20 or so years, Thailand has earned the reputation as a viable and affordable option for plastic surgery; particularly for the transgender community. As a result of the steady flow of tourists that have passed through to take advantage of the medical tourism offered, quite a number of doctors are familiar with a variety of medical cosmetic procedures. The costs are comparable to Indonesia however the results are better than Indonesia because of its legacy. Surgery cost is comparable to Indonesia, however generally the surgery result is better than Indonesia. Thailand plastic surgery is the second option for Indonesian who want to get good results.
Young in Beauty assists in the logistics of surgery schedule, hotel for recovery near clinic/hospital, flight ticket and anything else what patients needs.

Thailand Tour Package A (7 hari)

Flight ticket -4 JT
Hotel 6 nights 7 days – 4JT
Translator Bahasa Indonesia – 1JT

IDR 9 → IDR 5.9 Juta

Thailand Package Tour B (10 hari)

Flight ticket -4 JT
Hotel / Apartment 9 nights 10 days – 6 JT
Translator Bahasa Indonesia – 1 JT

IDR 11 → IDR 7.9 Juta

Thailand Plastic Surgery Information


Face Lifiting

Eye plastic surgery

Liposuction (Body plastic surgery)

Breast surgery

Face contouring (V line)

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