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Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Korean Rhinoplasty

Korean RhinoplastyThe augmentation rhinoplasty is to raise the dorsum of the nose from the tip of the nose to the area between the eyebrows. The length of the nose should look proportional with the face and the height of the nose should look proportional with the forehead, mouth and chin tip. Clinic/Hospital strives to create a well-proportioned nose that can give a defined appearance.

Upturned Nose & Short Nose

Korean Rhinoplasty

Upturned nose with exposed nostrils is caused by the short length of the nasal ala which covers the nostrils. This condition is relatively complicated to be surgically corrected. The most effective correction method is to correct the location of the cartilage of the nose tip to lengthen the nasal alar and decrease nostrils visibility. With the upturned nose/short nose correction, it is possible to create a more sophisticated and refined image.

Alar Reduction

Korean Rhinoplasty Korean Rhinoplasty

The broadened nasal ala can give a somewhat unsophisticated image. The ideal width of the ala is the width of the area between eyebrows. It is possible to reduce the width of the alar base while correcting the shape of nostrils to create a more sophisticated and refined image.

Nasal Hump Reduction

Korean Rhinoplasty

Dorsum hump (hump on bridge of the nose) can give a fierce and mean look, so it should be corrected. Since profile view is as important as the frontal view, nasal hump can give a negative impression. The nasal hump reduction should be performed with various surgical techniques to create the smooth and soft nose dorsum.

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